IDG World Expo
IDG World Expo China is the branch of International Data Group (IDG)-the leading IT media, research and exposition company in the world.

IDG World Expo China is committed to organize exhibitions and events in China market. Leveraging on its industrial resources, expertise and reputation, IDG World Expo China organized more than 20 international exhibition and events in China every year, which mainly focused on IT, communication, consumer electronic, environment conservation, venture investment, culture and art.

The events organized by IDG World Expo China are internationalized. The majority of the exhibitors and sponsors come from worldwide-known companies. Over 500,000 databases which cover IT industry, educational training, science institute, manufacture, government, telecommunication, finance, architecture industry, engineering, media, energy, transportation, logistics, medical treatment sanitation, sports, real estate, public relationship etc.

As the leading exhibition and conference organizer in IT field, IDG World Expo China brings its most successful events in China, including ComNet, LinuxWorld, Wireless World, Middle Ware World China, Storage Networking World, CEO/CIO, ASPWorld and BioIT Forum etc.

IDG World Expo China will also go on extending its businesses to non-IT fields such as electronic, biology technology, real estate, culture, and environment conservation etc. IDG World Expo China had a great success in holding the exhibition tour named “Beyond the Vision - Greatest National Geographic Photographs Tour China,” which toured around major cities such as Beijing, Shanghai, Tianjin, Changsha, Guangzhou, Wuhan, Chengdu and caused ardent respond. This event became the most eye-catching culture affair throughout 2005 and 2006. This success indicates that IDG World Expo China Co., Ltd start to play an important roal in China culture market. With detailed marketing survey and meticulous content choice, IDG World Expo will organize 2 or 3 high-quality culture events which people enjoy, to energize the culture market.

Moreover, Demo China which is known as cradle land of new technology, the area that capital congregation, will come again in 2007. More excellent companies in venture investment industry from all of the world will find good project there. We will invite more professional persons and provide more professional service and instruction.

IDG World Expo China Co., Ltd has 3 branches in mainland China so far, Beijing, Shanghai and Shenzhen, which constitute a perfect net of servicing and marketing. With our extensive resources and management teams in the regions, we take the responsibility of providing you more specialization marketing service. IDG World Expo China Co., Ltd provides Integrated Marketing Service. Depend on our perfect database and project management, media publicize and plenty of project management on site experience. At the moment we have already provided our overall meeting management service for Asia-pacific Broadcasting Union, International Federation of the Periodicals Press, Advertising Age etc which are all world-class cooperators. We received high appreciation from them.  



Directed by:
Ministry of Industry and Information People's Government of Guangzhou Municipality
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International Data Group
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IDG World Expo China Co., Ltd