I want to make a speech

1. “AndroidWorld Global Developers Conference 2016”is recruiting speakers. If you are an opinion leader of professional authority, senior technical specialist, developer, or industrial analyst, and if you want to make a speech in the forum, please contact the Organizing Committee:
Ms. Nicole Wu
Tel: +86 755 2399 5957 
E-mail: nicole_wu@idg.com.cn
Application deadline: August 30th, 2016.

2. Please comply with the following principles for voluntary application:
1) The speech topic and content are accorded with the conference topic and general regulations, and the speech content could not be released before auditing by the Organization Committee. The speaker should promise that the speech content is identical to submitted document.
2) The speech content must be created by the speaker to avoid any copyright dispute. The speech content must be publically issued for the first time to ensure the high quality and uniqueness of the forum.
3) Relevant speech content should not include enterprise products, service or projects, etc.
4) Speech content document(PPT/KEYNOTE)should be submitted to the committee prior to September 15th, 2016.

3. Speech form:
1) The speech length (containing audience questions ) should be less than 15-20 minutes. The speech should have well-defined topic, and provide example illustration, practical and theoretical information.
2) The seminar for half/a day should be organized as a form of classroom training, including communication with participants, and teaching of technique and methods.
3) The organizers will not provide any hardware equipment (laptop, Internet, etc.), so you should clearly describe things that you need them to bring for you in the topic for discussion.

4. Notes for submission:
1) Please provide complete contact information and individual introduction in English and Chinese less than 500 words. Moreover, please upload one headshot of 150*200.
2) Please provide the speech title within 15 words in English and Chinese, respectively, precisely reflecting the speech topic, supplemented with English and Chinese description of speech content within 150 words.
3) Please describe what the participants would gain from your speech within 50 words in English and Chinese, respectively.
4) Please provide a detailed statement about the speech within 800 words so that the committee can well know the speech content.



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